6 Reminders for Starting 2022

1- What & Who you listen to is what you become.

Stop consuming content toxic to your mind or personality. Stop listening to bullshits and poisonous people that give you unreasonable shit mindsets, ideas & goals that you can never achieve. Or you will end up cursing yourself that you are dumb shit, and it demotivates you to start off again.

2- Be positive every day of your life.

Just Simplify your life; Most of the time, we worry so much about dumb shit … please don’t. There’s so much to be happy for. If you woke up healthy – Be thankful for it. If you wake up and see your loved ones fit & healthy – Be grateful for it.

3- You are not late.

Everyone is in a rush to be a millionaire, which is where the problem is.
It’s never too late to start again, and just be persistent and motivated.
If you can’t become a millionaire at 30, what you have planned before …
Good……… now work 5 more years and work on yourself, learn from your failures, and improve yourself. It’s never too late.

4- Just do what fucking feels is right.

As long as it’s not unethical, Do what you feels right. So many are scared to do what they actually like because of what other people think of them. Fuck them… Stop Impressing people who don’t give a fuck about your choices & happiness. LIVE YOUR LIFE.

5- It’s always good to smile in your Alto then cry in Mercedes.

Money is great and all, but when people focus on peace of mind & happiness, good shit happens.
Please need to think more and more about happiness and reply self-awareness to what makes you happy and what you are good at and try to bring them together!

6- You’re about to have the best year of your life.

I’m so excited for 2022, and you all should because this is the year you are all gonna crush it. Just be patient and humble, And fucking love your life.

Happy New Year Fam

Usama Khan.

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